Region votes to stop fluoridating tap water

Originally posted at 570 News: Waterloo has moved ahead with the disappointing decision to end the fluoridation of tap water.  Credulity has won the day.

Despite a final plea from proponents of fluoridation, Regional Council has moved forward with a plan to stop adding fluoride to tap water in Waterloo.

Council voted 10 to 3 in favour of ending a 43-year tradition of fluoridating tap water in Waterloo, Elmira and part of Kitchener on November 29th at noon.

Dr. Kerr Banduk was one of three delegations who pleaded with Councillors to change their minds.

He says the decision suggests a vocal minority has control over public health policies and the region has set a dangerous precedent.

Banduk says this decision puts disadvantaged people at risk because they do not have the money to go to the dentist. And he says tap water fluoridation helps those people.

The region’s medical officer of health plans to introduce a targeted monitoring program for kids at high risk of poor oral health.

But Dr. Liana Nolan says it could take more than 6 years to determine the impact of last night’s vote


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