How dare these people question the existence of Zeus!!?.  Now replace Zeus with God and you have the mindset of today’s Western theist.  Proving that they aren’t singling anyone out, CFI even tackles the Zeus myth.

Of course, Christians like Charles McVety will only focus on the questioning of the existence of the Christian God and view that as hateful.  It’s a double-standard.  Zeus a myth? Yes, that’s fine.  God a myth? No! You are hateful!  There was a time when people would have believed in Zeus with the same fervour as today’s Christians believe in God.

As the CFI article mentions:

It seems likely that Zeus and the other archaic deities were created by men in order to explain natural phenomena. In the absence of a scientific explanation for the origin of lightning, for example, mythological explanations satisfied many.

We now have explanations for many natural phenomena so the role fulfilled by the gods of old becomes irrelevant.  I’ll go as far as saying that we have plenty of evidence against the god of the Old Testament.  The one that created the Earth in 7 days.  Scientific knowledge more or less proves that to be false.

Can we ever disprove the existence of a God? No, at least not by any method I can think of.  Can we disprove the existence of gods given very specific descriptions by their believers? Of course.  If a phenomena of the natural world is attributed to a God, all that needs to be done is to demonstrate why a God is not necessary and there you have it.  That god, or aspect of a god, is no more.

A day will come when Yahweh is placed in the same category as Zeus: A god believed in by ancient people whose existence is no longer accepted among the general populace.




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