Dr. Seuss is Weeping

Originally posted at Unreasonable Faith: Vorjack writes a home-run of a post, in which he reminds us of the message behind ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and why those crying about a War on Christmas completely miss the meaning of the holiday.

I have a friend who will be headed to Afghanistan after the holidays. He’s part of the new “surge” that he feels is largely forgotten in the current media. While he’s trying to spend as much time with family as possible, the Fox News is issuing front line reports from the War on Christmas:

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Do you remember that classic Christmas special, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”? Do you remember the point of it?

The misanthropic (or mis-who-ropic, I guess) Grinch tried to stop Christmas by stealing every outward sign of the holiday. He succeed in removing every outward, material manifestation of Christmas. But it didn’t work.

The twist at the end, and the dramatic irony in the show’s title, is that Christmas isn’t something that can be stolen. Christmas doesn’t depend on material trappings or outward symbols. Dr. Seuss is suitably vague as to what the real basis of Christmas is – there’s no who on a cross – but he makes it clear that Christmas would still continue despite a positively OCD level of theft from the Grinch.

But everywhere I look now, I’m seeing people who couldn’t disagree more with Dr. Seuss. Not only is Christmas dependent on those outward symbols, if you take one away then Christmas has lost a battle in the “War on Christmas.” Never mind that each individual’s right to believe and practice as they see fit is not infringed, the fact that the Post Office cannot display the nativity scene marks the death knell for the holiday.


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