What a War on Christmas Really Looks Like

Originally posted at Friendly Atheist: Hemant Mehta writes about Christmas carolers in Mumbai who were assaulted by a group of Hindus.

To Bill DonohueBill O’Reilly, and everyone else at Fox News Channel:

There is no War on Christmas. This ad, no matter what you think it does, does not threatenChristmas or Christians:



The next story, however, is what a War on Christmas really would look like, and it’s horrifying:

On December 18, Hindu fundamentalists beat two dozen carolers, including young women, and took them to the police station in a Mumbai suburb, charging that by singing Christmas carols they had insulted Hindus…

“These attacks look sporadic and isolated. But there is a clear pattern and strategy behind it. Maybe this is their way of greeting us for Christmas,” said Joseph Dais, secretary of the Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) of Mumbai. “Around Christmas and other major Christian festivities, we have noticed a sudden spurt in anti-Christian violence in recent years,” Dais told CWN. Further, he said that aim of this campaign is to instill fear in the Christians and please the (Hindu) fundamentalists at the same time.

That’s horrible and it should be condemned by everybody.

For what it’s worth, no atheist group in America is calling for any sort of violence against Christians. That’s obvious. But we’re also not calling for an end to Christmas.

All we ask for is that the principle of church/state separation be upheld even during this time of year. That means no nativity scenes on government property. That means not forgetting that non-Christians celebrate other occasions during these few weeks. That level of respect shouldn’t be too much to ask for.


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