Sunday (Errr Monday) Screed: Satan

A few days ago I commented on a Facebook note regarding Satan.  It was a response to someone’s – we’ll call her “Theist” – take on Satan and how he is the scum of all scum.


The other days someone was speaking on facebook about satanic worship, and i was commenting along with many others. However i was deleted from the convorsation, which shows a total lack of dignity of the person who delete me because i hadn’t even said anything near offensive yet. However here is where i will speak me mind 🙂 Enjoy


Satan: who is he to worship he is an arc angel who fell from heaven because he was hauty. Worshiping satan is like worshiping the scum of all scum and scumbags, the dirtiest of all dirties. I know I know i just said that all you satan worshipers out there worship a scum bag, and i believe your so called “worship” itself is scum. Well it’s true. Worship is an act of religious devotion usualy directed to one or more deities(satan is NO deity). The word is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship ( honestly how is scum worthy)– To give, at its simplest, worth to something, ( what is satan worth when he was cast, fallen and spewed out of the one’s place who is truely worht worshiping. Please do not take offence to this, I have not taken offence to all your “satan worshiping” beliefs, i just believe that you worship pure scum.

My Response –

I would be interested to know what this “satanic worship” consisted of. Being a Satanist does not necessarily mean that one worships the Judeo-Christian concept of Satan and thus your entire argument would fall apart as you may be attacking a concept of Satan that none of these people are talking about.I won’t say anything further on that matter unless I were to see the original comments. No sense in arguing on points I haven’t read for themselves.In fact, Satan is such a minor influence in the Bible that I have to ask how he came to be such a symbol of evil in Christianity.On my list of traits that makes one “the scum of all scum and scumbags, the dirtiest of all dirties”, being hauty is on the low-end. Perhaps if Satan was the perpetrator of mass genocide I’d be much more willing to call him scum though evidence – scriptural or physical – is lacking that he has done such a thing. Traditional Christian teaching says that Satan was an angel that rebelled against God. Something that angry teenagers often do. Are we then to call these people the scum of all scum as well? Simply for acting against that which was (supposedly) ordained upon them by the God of Abraham? You may disagree with those who do not follow your God but I would hope that you are above referring to them as scum. Furthermore, based on these traditional teachings (which are only loosely inferred from the Bible) Satan acts as the figure to tempt people away from God. Again, not high on my list of what makes someone a scum. While I’m not trying to advocate for the worship of Satan over God (a rather foolish position for me to advocate given my status as a non-believer), I feel your accusations that “Satan worshipers” are worshiping scum stands on incredibly weak, house built upon sand, ground.

I have yet to actually receive a response to my questions so I’m unable to elaborate further on this discussion, if it can even be described as such.  For this post I am going to add some additional points to the ones I already made.  Perhaps you dear reader, can come up with some objections.  In the absence of a response from Theist this would be welcome.

Is Satan really evil?  Aside from being depicted as a rebel against God who tempts humans into sin, his track-record in the Bible is rather pathetic for the so-called Prince of Darkness.  He never killed anyone or ordered anyone to be killed in the Bible.  Now compare this to the genocidal and maniacal nature of God and Satan starts to seem more like the rebel fighting against the murderous and totalitarian government, in which case, I’m inclined to join the fight.

Satan is supposed to force that tempts humans to sin.  Yet who is truly responsible for the existence of sin?  Who gave us free-will and then told us not to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge?  Who, for that matter, thought it would a grave thing if humans were to possess knowledge?  If you answered Satan, you’ve demonstrated that 1) You have no understanding of basic ideas regarding Christian mythology and 2) Have a real talent for missing the obvious.  Many are quick to blame Satan for evil in the world, even though it was God who laid the conditions that made it possible for sin to exist.

If the God and Satan of Christianity actually existed, then I’d be highly tempted to side with Satan.  For any Christian out their screaming, “You’ll burn in hell!!”  I ask, are you sure?  After all, we’ve never heard Satan’s side of the story.  With that I leave you with a short film, created by a friend of mine.



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