Fun Georgia Bill: Give Death Penalty For Having Abortion OR Miscarriage


The headline says it all.  You can read the full story here.

Anyway,  I think the idiotic Representative behind this bill deserves to be flooded with e-mails pointing out what an insult to humanity he is.

Here’s what I sent, but feel free to send your own letters to

Dear Rep. Franklin,

I am not a resident of Georgia, or the United States for that matter. However, the HB 1 bill regarding abortions and miscarriages has to be one of the most appalling and abhorrent pieces of legislation I have ever seen coming out of the U.s. in a long time.

You seek to push for the death penalty for women who have abortions and yet you call yourself pro-life? Apparently concern for the living ends at child birth in your sick deranged reality. A state of totalitarianism aiming to crush the rights of women.

I don’t know if you hate women or just an idiot as you want to punish women for the natural event of having a miscarriage.

I hope the good citizens of Georgia display some common sense and vote you out. The women in your state should not stand for such repressive actions.


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