The Burqa Ban is Wrong



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3 responses to “The Burqa Ban is Wrong

  1. Ahhh more proof that “atheism” is actually nothing but “Anti-Christanism.” Your sort will attack Christians any chance you get but side w/ Islam – or just remain silent on its atrocities.

    • Can you point to anywhere in that video, in which I actually attack Christianity. Do I need to point to the likes of the leading voices of atheism? Who have all attacked Islam. This is hardly siding with Islam, as I stated I can’t understand why women would want to dress this way. I won’t go into my own track-record of being critical of Islam because it’s doubtful to sway you anyway.

      • No, you didn’t in this post directly attack Christianity. You did, however, defend Islam – from what I’ve seen here and elsewhere, an act your kind would never extend to any Christian practice.

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